Sign Up Hotmail

Sign Up Hotmail is easy and can be done in only a few steps. In order to do so, the first thing you will need to do is accessing to Hotmail (now called Outlook) and search for the button on the bottom right side of the screen that asks you if you do not have an Outlook account yet.

Hotmail Sign Up

Hotmail, as we knew it a few years ago, does not exist any longer. After going through several changes, as MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Hotmail and so on, Microsoft decided to stop using the name “Hotmail” and to switch to “Outlook” instead. Even when the change was not sudden and several trials were explained to us, it has now been a while since the change was completed. But this does not mean that now we cannot still enjoy all the benefits of Hotmail! And register Hotmail (now Outlook), is still simple and quite straightforward.

Hotmail Register

sign-up-outlookIn order to register at Hotmail email, we first need to access to its main webpage (you can do so by clicking here). Now we need to look at the bottom right corner and search for the button that says “Still don’t have an Outlook account?”

Click on it and you will automatically be redirected to the registration page for Hotmail, where a short questionnaire must be filled.

We have some tips for you that we believe are helpful when registering at Hotmail:

  • Choose a save password, including capital letters and numbers.
  • Your password should also be easy to remember for you.
  • Fill in the whole questionnaire, including the part where you get to introduce a phone number and alternative email so in case you forget or lose your password you can still access your email account.
  • Do not lie with your personal data. If you ever need to use them for confirming your identity this can lead you into trouble.

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Now, if you want to go straight to register Hotmail, we have provided with a direct link to the main webpage: Register Hotmail.


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