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Create Instagram Account

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Instagram is a very famous social network that reached its fame in the 2013. That was thank to a very easy system and a very provocative community. Is the perfect complement to the big social networks: Twitter and Facebook. Is not bigger than them, but is very competitive.

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As we have mentioned before, to create an account on Instagram, the first step is downloading the application to the smartphone that we are using. Also, if you are on a computer, you can go to the website.

With Instagram, the users can share videos and photos, as well as editing the pictures with a lot of filters provided by the application. This makes Instagram being one of the most famous social networks of the market, also, the Hashtags are very important in this goal.

To create an account in Instagram, you will have to follow these steps:

1.         Click the “Register” button in the homepage

2.         Fill the blanks with your data.

•          Name

•          Last Name

•          Your email

•          Place where you live

•          Birthday

•          Password

3.         Confirm the registration with your email and start to enjoy this social network.

If you forgot your password you can recover it by clicking the “forgot password?” button in the Homepage.

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